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"Hand-in Hand: A Homeschooling Father Reminisces"
Arundel Homeschool Support Group Fellowship Dinner
Annapolis Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Friday, September 1, 2000, 6:00 PM
Annapolis, MD

Sharing Our Faith with our Kids,
(or, realizing what we did not know about God.)
M.O.Ps' Dinner
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
Saturday, October 21, 2000, 6:00 PM
Catonsville, MD

What We Learned about Deuteronomy 6,
(and lived to tell about it.)
Chapelgate Presbyterian Homeschoolers
Chaplegate Presbyterian Church
Monday, December 4, 2000
Elkridge, MD


Teach Me Lord That I May Teach ...
From a Pastor's Heart

The Blister
Twenty Pre-menopausal Symptoms That Have Been Sighted in My Home
For the Mom Who BLEW It Today. . .
Dealing with Our Darlings
Mothers & Their Daughters — Daughters & Their Mothers
Eavesdropping on an Ancient Interview
Energizing Our Easter Baskets from the Bible
About "The Fork" . . .
Besting Our Bellyachers: One Mom's Prayer
One-Hundred Thirty-Six Weeks Times the

Number of Children Equals ______?

Living With a Clean Slate
Help! My Kid is Driving Me Nuts!
He Cared Enough to Send the Very Best
The Shocking Truth — I Pushed Jesus!
Pre-Holiday Pep Talk
"How Can I Pray?"
"Are Titus Two Women REAL?"
"Preparing Your 'Garden' for Winter"
"Christ's Precious Promise —
to Those Who Will Pray"

Taking the Lord at His Word:
"Don't Skip Over Your Privileges and Rights!"

"Calling Home"
"Homeschooling in 1998 with Paul's
Ephesian Prescription — (Eph. 4:1-32)"

"When Your Homeschool Doesn't Turn Out
the Way You Thought It Would ..."

"To Whom is Your Home School Yoked?"
"Breaking the Grip of Griping"
"Enjoying a Good Fire"
"Getting Rid of Gunk"
"When Our Brook Dries Up:
Living Obediently in Hard Times"

"Applying the Word of God at 35,000 Feet"
"Seeing or Believing?"
"Real Muscle Power"
"Dealing With Diminished Light:
Some notes on the Doldrums and Depressions"

Message Archive
"Why I Should Not Homeschool"
"Using Ovens as Dishwashers"
"Becoming a Woman of Prayer"
"Allowing Emotions to Rule the Day"
"Discouraged and Feeling Alone"
"I just made a pot of coffee. Ya wanna drop by?"
"Blessings or Lack Of?"
"Literature & Christians"
"Damage by 'Sheltering'"
"Teenage Rebellion ... My Heart Goes Out To You!"
"In the Midst of the Blackness"
"Happy Friday!"
"An Angry Tailspin"
"Through the Peaks and Valleys
(or should I say freezers and furnaces?)"

"Any Practical Advice on Controlling My Anger"
"Experiencing God"
"What Is a Titus 2 Woman?"
"Issues in prayer"
"Here's a little encouragement
from my ancient pal Isaiah"

"Praying to become a Proverbs 31"
"Re-Vamping Our Summer Wardrobe"
"Prayer for Submission ...
husband wants to stop homeschooling"

"Logs In Our Own Eyes"
"Without Christ, we ALL are bad!"
"Take All the Time You Need, But Hurry Up!"
"To the Parents of Children Who Are Challenges . . ."
"Does the Victory Lead to Holier Ground?"
"The Next Step: A Few More Words on Figuring Out If
and When to Put the Kids Back in School"

Literature Study:
"Introducing a Fellow Writer . . ."
"Everything Old Is New Again" - Jane Austen
"The Bard of Avon" - William Shakespeare 1564-1616
The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli
"I'd Better Make It a Good One!" - Marguerite de Angeli
"Beverly Cleary's Childhood Memories Make Great
Children's Stories"

Harriet Beecher Stowe: “A Little Bit of a Woman”
Robert Louis Stevenson: "Tusitala" 1850-1894

Building Writers for the NEXT Millennium:
A Modest Outline for Writing a Composition,
an Essay, a Paper, or the Great American Novel

Raising Writers at Home
Teaching Writing and Living to tell about it?
Back to the Techniques of Teaching Writing
Learning From Barbara's Mistakes


Our Testimony

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What's New?

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