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"Hand-in Hand: A Homeschooling Father Reminisces"
Arundel Homeschool Support Group Fellowship Dinner
Annapolis Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Friday, September 1, 2000, 6:00 PM
Annapolis, MD

Sharing Our Faith with our Kids,
(or, realizing what we did not know about God.)
M.O.Ps' Dinner
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
Saturday, October 21, 2000, 6:00 PM
Catonsville, MD

What We Learned about Deuteronomy 6
(and lived to tell about it.)
Chapelgate Presbyterian Homeschoolers
Chaplegate Presbyterian Church
Monday, December 4, 2000
Elkridge, MD

The Blister
by Barbara Smith
"Now, one thing I have learned in my garden is that little happens while I work there without the Lord showing me an application to my life in Him."
Uploaded on 4 June 2000

by Barbara Smith
"Though Christians may chuckle sympathetically, we know gossip fuels so many daily conversations. And we know Scripture doesn't wink at gossip, or the bearer of careless tales."
Uploaded on 4 June 2000

Twenty Pre-menopausal Symptoms That Have Been Sighted in My Home
by Barbara Smith
"Slamming doors, cabinets, and pot lids becomes a form of communication, especially when dh pokes his head in the kitchen and asks, 'Is something bothering you?'"
Uploaded on 4 June 2000

For the Mom Who BLEW It Today. . .
by Barbara Smith
"From the “been there, done that” corner of bad memories of mothering, I am extending a hug. And the assurance that you were not the only mom who was unkind to her child today. May God forgive each of us for not restraining our impatience!"
Uploaded on 9 December 1999

Dealing with Our Darlings
by Barbara Smith
"If your child is testing the limits of your patience and understanding, let me encourage you. You have the wherewithal to restrain, redirect and even reprogram obstreperous toddlers, willful young children and even older rebels. Never forget that God hand-picked you to be their mother."
Uploaded on 3 September 1999

Mothers & Their Daughters — Daughters & Their Mothers
by Barbara Smith
"Mother-daughter relationships are never easy; simple sometimes, but, they are never easy. When we combine the two distinct gene pools of a man and a woman, add in their past history, factor in the disappearance of protective cultural norms, then multiply that equation by modern-day pressures, is it any wonder the problems among the generations of females in this nation erupt even in the Church?"
Uploaded on 18 May 1999

Eavesdropping on an Ancient Interview
by Barbara Smith
"Luke would have had access to Mary, whom Jesus entrusted to the care of the apostle John shortly before dying on the cross. (John 19:25-27) Only Mary, or one of her children could have furnished the details of Christ's conception and birth related in chapter one of Luke's gospel."
Uploaded on 7 April 1999

Energizing Our Easter Baskets from the Bible
by Barbara Smith
"Can we just take some time and think through what and how we can do to commemorate April 5, lest jelly beans and bunnies, decorated eggs and chicks divert even believers from exulting in the Resurrection message? (See 1 John 2:15)"
Uploaded on 26 March 1999

About "The Fork" . . .
by Barbara Smith
"Imagine a homeschool home, midmorning when variations on a familiar homeschool theme begin to resound: the oldest (or youngest, or the middle) child cops an attitude challenging Moms assignment, a chore, or a conversation. The tone rises and sours. BOOM! (Fill in the dialogue from memory.) Tears flow and doors slam. Lessons languish."
Uploaded on 9 March 1999

Besting Our Bellyachers: One Mom's Prayer
by Barbara Smith
"Several people have been circulating a charming little story, 'The Fork.' It is a parable of a dying woman who seems to have a better hope of heaven than her pastor."
Uploaded on 19 March 1999

One-Hundred Thirty-Six Weeks Times the Number of Children Equals ______?
by Barbara Smith
"[Y]ou look over their homeschool curriculum, and start to wonder if you are giving them what they will need to compete. Can a home-grown highschool program provide the foundation your children will need, should the Lord tarry?"
Uploaded on 1 February 1999

Living With a Clean Slate
by Barbara Smith
"Sin is not a word we hear much about during the excesses of the holidays. However, confessing it is the key to opening the door to a new beginning. Nobody coerces me to eat chocolate; no one compels the angry words that spew from my lips; and nobody commands me to be impetuous, imprudent and self-centered. What but sin explains our continual failure to do that which we purpose to do?"
Uploaded on 30 December 1998

Help! My Kid is Driving Me Nuts!
by Barbara Smith
"God never promised any of us perfect children. Yet, He trusts us with children whose brokenness will build righteousness into our character. Your Father especially designed that whirlwind to blow through your heart and mind and forcing you to your knees!"
Uploaded on 3 December 1998

He Cared Enough to Send the Very Best
by Barbara Smith
"Christmas cards that link debt and death hardly seem to be comforting messages, but if God sent out Christmas cards, these might be the greetings that He would send."
Uploaded on 29 November 1998

The Shocking Truth — I Pushed Jesus!
by Barbara Smith
"Yelling is a problem in lots of Christian homes. (How's THAT for a generalization?) Well, it was in mine, anyway! I resorted to hollering to try to recapture what I thought was clearly out-of-control."
Uploaded on 22 November 1998

Pre-Holiday Pep Talk
by Barbara Smith
"The Holiday season is close upon us, and for those of us who are domestically-challenged besides homeschooling — we may sense a growing impression of panic that is overtaking our best intentions."
Uploaded on 19 November 1998

How Can I Pray?
by Barbara Smith
"Christian parents, who have given their children so much, are amazed to see many of their children literally chuck all their labors of love and devotion. The temptations our children face are horrendous . . . and the consequences for failure to overcome them have compounded."
Uploaded on 18 November 1998

Are Titus Two Women REAL?
by Barbara Smith
"Just as he may have had real men in mind when he wrote to Titus, Paul may have had a clear picture of real "older" women, too. He knew many gentile women who turned in faith to Jesus Christ and grew up in their faith."
Uploaded on 19 October 1998

Preparing Your "Garden" for Winter
by Barbara Smith
"Parents must tend their little ones as carefully as the gardener who tirelessly weeds and waters and fertilizes a newly planted spring garden."
Uploaded on 19 October 1998

Christ's Precious Promise — to Those Who Will Pray
by Barbara Smith
"God has done the work, taken the first steps, and waits upon us to talk to Him. You are connected — the heavenly phone is ringing, friends."
Uploaded on 21 September 1998

Taking the Lord at His Word: "Don't Skip Over Your Privileges and Rights!"
by Barbara Smith
"For me, explaining prayer is a lot like me trying to explain how a telephone works: I can tell you who invented it. I can define it, describe it, and tell how folks use it. However, I cannot tell you how it works."
Uploaded on 21 September 1998

"Calling Home"
by Barbara Smith
"Our pastor said one of the distinguishing marks of Christian is PRAYER without ceasing. I was taking notes furiously — good stuff! However, he then posed a question that stopped me cold: "What does your prayer life have to do with the will of God?" I stopped writing: "My prayer life has something to do with the will of God?""
Uploaded on 14 September 1998

"Homeschooling in 1998 with Paul's Ephesian Prescription — (Eph. 4:1-32)"
by Barbara Smith
"This idea came from a Sunday school class on how to improve your marriage, taught by Flo and David Wolfe at SPEP church — I am happy if it ministers to your heart and if you want to share it, do!"
Uploaded on 7 September 1998

"When Your Homeschool Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Thought It Would ..."
by Barbara Smith
"We began homeschooling more than nine years ago, all learning together. I was nervous, but happy to be with our kids. I knew I wanted to be home with them more then anything else. Our scholastic progress was obvious at once and we hoped this would be the beginning of our dreams to offer our children an outstanding academic experience. However, in our enthusiasm we underestimated the principle component of child rearing: character training."
Uploaded on 11 August 1998

"To Whom is Your Home School Yoked?"
by Barbara Smith
"In the Bible a yoke was a familiar tool and its basic design has remained the same throughout centuries. It was a harness, usually wooden, which connected a pair of animals to a plow and held them in place."
Uploaded on 11 August 1998

"Breaking the Grip of Griping"
by Barbara Smith
"Griping is a hallowed American privilege. From protesting the ump's call, to criticizing those who govern us, we are free to complain. Americans are free to say what is on their minds, but American Christians might pause and remember that complaining -- even in a soft voice -- is simply say God has not done enough for me; I deserves more than what God has provided."
Uploaded on 11 August 1998

"Enjoying a Good Fire"
by Barbara Smith
"I step across the threshold and enter a grand room, complete with the finest furnishings I have ever admired. It is at once breathtaking and inviting, majestic, yet familiar. Its proportions seem immeasurable but it is not an overwhelming room."
Updated on 11 July 1998

"Getting Rid of Gunk"
by Barbara Smith
"No one makes a Christian do devotions. I can decide freely how much effort I spend maintaining my soul. Am I as concerned about maintaining an attractive, pure witness as I am a clean pool? Sometimes not. Resting on yesterday's devotions or last Sunday's sermon can foul my soul as surely as my neglect spoils my pool."
Uploaded on 20 June 1998

"When Our Brook Dries Up:
Living Obediently in Hard Times"

by Barbara Smith
"Elijah was the old testament prophet who dramatically confronted the prophets of Baal and rode a fiery chariot into heaven. His life is a practical and encouraging model, especially for homeschooling parents."
Uploaded on 11 July 1998

"Applying the Word of God at 35,000 Feet"
by Barbara Smith
"Do you know the feeling of being completely out of control? Have you ever felt you were so out of control, that worrying about your lack of control would be pointless? I do, every time I go anywhere that involves air transportation."
Uploaded on 11 July 1998

"Seeing or Believing?"
by Barbara Smith
"The twentieth century has magnified hopelessness: brutality, political oppression and corruption, wars, diseases, illiteracy, ignorance and apathy are pandemic. The world is overflowing into the Church, sickening the minds and hearts of Christians."
Uploaded on 11 July 1998

"Real Muscle Power"
by Barbara Smith
"The comparatively small human muscle, the tongue, is made up of many groups of muscles that we can consciously control to move food, swallow or speak. By the power of the words we speak, we can bless or to curse those within earshot."
Uploaded on 11 July 1998

"Dealing With Diminished Light:
Some notes on the Doldrums and Depressions?"

by Barbara Smith
"We live in a fallen world. We get drawn into difficulty - emotional, physical and mental situations that *will* drain our reserves IF we don't turn to God. REMEMBER: Depression is real and God's people are not immune from real problems!"
Uploaded on 11 July 1998

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