Be glad that you're homeschooling !

Posted by Ellen Stanclift on Tuesday, 24 March 1998, at 5:49 a.m.

Hi Bobbi !

That is perfectly age appropriate, even though it is very annoying ! I used to teach Kindergarten many years ago. One year I had 34 students and no aide...and the vast majority of those children were dawdlers ! I used to circle the room, giving re-direction instructions as I'd go.

Now that I have my own 5 year old, I have the blessing and benefit of being able to keep him on task. He is definitely good at concentrating, and I think part of this is that he generally has me sitting with them. I think that by creating and reinforcing good study habits now will be very beneficial in the years to come.

Now that I have said this, I have asked myself if some of what I have been asking my son to do is busywork and that is why he has dawdled. There are some occasions that, yes, you just have to sit and finish your work. There have been other times that I have realized a lesson is indeed boring and useless. Don't be afraid to pitch a lesson that is truly busywork...that is one of the homeschool freedoms. What I'll do if I realize we have strayed from valuable learning to make-work is to ask myself what skill I hope he will learn and then try to present it in a non-rote way. For example, if he is copying his spelling words, I might ask him to write a story USING those words.

Be assured, dawdling is not fun, but it is normal.
Just feel reassured that at home he is getting your attention and not slipping by the teacher at a school.