Sometimes even the best "paths" part. . .

Posted by BWSmith on Wednesday, 18 February 1998, at 4:22 p.m.

Dear Ellen;
Boy it hurts when friends part -- for whatever reasons.
Some of the most paiful moments for me have come when CHrist has "ended" friendships in which I later realized that I was becoming too dependent on an older sister in Christ, or a "fun" sister in the Lord and ignoring my love and time with Him. He is jealous of even my Christian friendships, I've found. [I am aware of this if I now tempted to spend too much time with all my new cyperpals!]

Sometimes He has taken me out of situations so that I would stay focused on the task at hand.
Maybe He wants to protect you from re-visiting your decision to homeschool by removing you from women who might distract you or confuse you?

Maybe, like Julia and Lyn said, it has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with your friends' obedience to God.

Or maybe the enemy snuck a few little zingers in to turn you from two women who might need you?

Usually we don't stop and think how our attitudes or comments impact another sister. The friends may be OBLIVIOUS to how they sound. I am ashamed to learn how some of my perfectly BRILLIANT insights sound when a wounded sister tells me what SHE thought I said!

Sometimes it is the truest friends whose arrows wound most deeply.

Sometimes the cost of following Christ is letting go of the good for the better; accepting the bitterness of loneliness to taste the sweetness of
His presence?
I just got reamed recently and told that it is parially MY FAULT that public schools are a mess because I kept my kids out -- and that I was not teacing in them. Well, to some extent there may truth in that statement --