An open Book, I don't always use.

Posted by BWSmith on Sunday, 15 February 1998, at 5:04 p.m.

Dear Joni,
As the newest best sellers appear either on the floor beside my daughter's bed or my wish list, I am convicted that as her mom, God wants ME to discuss marriage issues with her from the word of God.

I am convicted that sometimes I let the experts speak for me -- because I am unwilling to figure out what God would have me to say.

So, I HOPE to be going throug Proverbs with my daughter, esp. 31 and see what God wants to see in the women He creates.

Choosing a spouse is a piece of cake compared to seeking God's will and doing it in this world -- even if it means laying aside dreams of homes and husbands and darling children if God has other plans. (I keep thinking of Corrie tenBoome and Amy Carmichel)

How am I going to teach the wonderful daughter [and dear son, for that matter] that dying to ambitions, even godly ones, is the better way?
How am I equipping them to cope with God's answer of NO to perfectly OK desires? I am convicted that praying for our kids to have a hunger for God's word will be a surer compass than the neat books that are available on chaacter issuses.

Having emptied my heart, [and I hope not overwhelmed you:-)] let me hasten to say, I asked my daughter to read "Passion & Purity" by Elisabeth Eliot.