Obey, out of reverence for Christ, who can work through men, and women who do not know Him as Lord.

Posted by BWSmith on Tuesday, 10 February 1998, at 3:29 p.m.

Dear Karla,
I haven't followed all the posts, but I send heart-felt contrition, it you were slammed by any answers. Please forgive our zeal, most of us are trying to apply all thise good advice to ourselves, too.

Wherever, your children end up -- and whenever they leave the nest -- His eye will be on them, as it is on every tiny swallow -- for He careth for you. Your son is first of all God's son. The Lord God Almighty has a plan for this little fellow that no one, neither un unbeliever or a godly mom,
can thwart! Right?

If you and your husband have talked through the conflict, and he is still of a mind to insist on public school, you have some choices:
1. Because you have better insight as a believer, do whatever it takes to get your way. {Been ther, done that. I do not recommend this choice}
2. Agree to your husband's wishes, and torment him with your "attitude" until he gives in.{Been there, done that and taught my daughter some BAD reactions :-(}
3. Agree with your husband, because you agree with God that HE is in charge of even your husband, and though unbelievers may make unwise decisions, God can use theses for believers' good and His glory.

Can you guess what I advise?

[NOTE: If you HAVE NOT talked to your son's father, pray about this and let God lead in this matter. Don't just skip over this conversation and assume you know what your husband is thinking.]
If Christ himself would come to you, sit down, and ask you to please relinquish the schooling of your little children to Him, would you trust Him if He said "I want them in public schools?"

Can you -- and I -- put our children on the altar, the way Abraham did, and trust that God will not suffer any harm to come to them that He can not heal? This is no idle thought for me, as my children are processing OUT of my watchcare -- Can I trust that Jesus WILL guard them, never sleeping or slumbering. I don't know if they will never get "contaminated" from the world, "but I know whom I have believed and AM persuaded that HE is able to keep that which I've committed unto HIM against that day."

At the risk of starting something that could QUICKLY expand, may I make a humble observation, repeating what a professor of astronomy at the Naval Academy told my husband who struggled with the issue of "free will?" This dear saint assured my husband that until we have surrendered to Jesus Christ, our will is NOT free, becasue we are shackled to the prince of this world. Once Christ sets us free, we are free indeed. AND we are free to disobey what scripture requires in relationships -- The only reason to obey Scripture and honor the relationships that God has ordained, is becasue we want to please Christ, who gave everything so that we might live, right?

You have an enemy who is on the prowl, seeking to wreck your marriage, destroy your children's love and respect of their father and rob you of your joy. When we submit to our commander and chief, following HIS orders, HE fulfills HIS promises to us and to our children, even sanctifying our spouses adn we don't have to say a word.
Living Bible: 1 Peter 3:
"Wives, fit with your husband's plans;for then if they refuse to listen when you talk to them about the Lord, they will be won by your respectful, pure behavior.YOUR GODLY LIVES WILL SPEAK TO THEM BETTER THAN ANY WORDS."

Relax, dear Karla, God is in control and you are the apple of His eye. and many, many "friends" are
praying for you.