Re: Doing Too Much?

Posted by Kate Megill on Friday, 6 February 1998, at 9:04 a.m.

Dear Diane,

One thing to remember is that people will ALWAYS ask us to do things...but they have NO idea what God has placed in our lives as our particular priorities. Our responsibility is to weigh each of these requests in light of what God has given us to do TODAY and in light of what our husband's priorities are for us. If I say I will spend the next 3 months preparing for our women's retreat (which would be a very good thing!), does that mean that my own God ordained priorities must fall to the wayside? Will I be serving KFC or Pizza Hut pizza for the next 3 months in opposition to the frugality that my husband desires of me?

These are hard questions for all of us because we want to serve (and let's face it, we want to be wanted!) but we don't have the luxury of just saying yes whenever it looks like a good thing to do. For the believer the "good" thing is the enemy of the "best" thing.

Have any of you read the little booklet "The Tyranny of the Urgent"? If you haven't, DO!! It talks about all the urgent things that pop up in our lives that we race to take care of while the important things get left undone! Our lives tend to be racing from one urgent thing to another and the priorities (important) that God has set for us are lost in the shuffle. Good stuff!

In His Joy and Grace,
Kate Megill