Re: Concentrating on Home and Family

Posted by Kate Megill on Thursday, 5 February 1998, at 8:48 a.m.

Dear Ellen,

When we encounter this type of criticism from people we should really have pity on them. Their lives are filled with guilt and pressure to perform.

Our society has been deceived into thinking that the high calling of motherhood is really only a menial task that can be filled by low-paid day care workers. Rather we are shaping and preparing for a generation that will be mighty in the Word and mighty in the Spirit! What an honor!

On a side note, I have never known of a believing woman with a degree where it goes to waste! Mine is in Early Childhood Education and I have been called on a great deal to minister to moms of young children in various capacities. Another woman I know has a degree as a Dietitian and she is used by God in the body of Christ to help counsel and train in proper eating/nutrition. Again a woman with a nursing degree serves the saints by checking ears and giving counsel etc. God never allows His children's training to be may not be used in the way the world sees as valuable, but He doesn't waste anything!

Have a wonderful day, dear!

In His Joy and Grace,
Kate Megill