Re: Sons Attitude Toward Work

Posted by BWSmith on Sunday, 1 February 1998, at 8:33 p.m.

Hi Kathleen and Kathy:

We have struggled also --- and still do with one child. I confess I did not pray and teach helpfulness to one's family first. Yet, another child sees and acts and loves almost intuitively.

Opening my eyes to see the need right in front of my nose is an act of grace in my life. I have been willfully BLIND to the needs of my parents -- I have been foolishly blind also, putting my needs before those of whom I should have delighted to serve.

I am learning to pray that my children, husband AND I will have the eyes of Christ to SEE the needs and the heart of Christ to serve.

How can I discipline for this? I can't -- but undone chores, selected for the appropriate age and stage, that is don't expect compliance above ability, must carry a penalty. A penalty which is known in advance and is "executed" swiftly, letting the punishment fit the crime. Pray for insight from God into what is an appropriate discipline.

Your boys' heart seem soft, PRAISE the Lord. Let them know you are praying for them to have victory --and ask them to pray for you to let God make you a servant of the family He gave you.

Until He answers, be willing to wait and trust He is at work -- for that is what I am doing.

In Christ, BWSmith