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Forum: Tidying God's Temple
 Topic: October 21 check in
October 21 check in [message #820724] Sun, 22 October 2017 06:39
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
Messages: 5441
Registered: April 2005
Location: New Hampshire
Senior Member
I lost another pound! Nine more to go.

Exercise has been difficult. I need to find time for some long walks when I can't get to the gym.


-Lose another pound this week.

-Be careful with mindless snacking in the evening. Maybe substitute a nice cup of herb tea...

-Make sure I get some activity every single day, even if I am spending the entire day in the hospital for appointments and dh's chemo.

How about you? Post your progress and goals here!

[Updated on: Sun, 22 October 2017 06:40]

Lisa T.
Forum: Living Life to the Glory of God
 Topic: Weekend plans?
Re: Weekend plans? [message #820725 is a reply to message #820722 ] Sun, 22 October 2017 08:41
Messages: 4100
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
That is so nice of DH's boss (and of your family). I'm sorry to hear that the parents aren't in the smoothest of relationships for the sake of the child. Hopefully the court will intervene in a positive manner.

Yesterday, Franklin took Jonah out to the parks and run a few art-related errands. Then he came home and made dinner. Before dinner, he gave a nice long neck and shoulder rub that was desperately needed. I've been in a lot of physical pain and a running migraine since we returned home from our road trip. While some of it is from a couple of weeks in strange beds and car seats, the majority, I'm convinced, is being back here in the FL heat and humidity (and the a/c...there's something about the pitch/hum and it's consistency that triggers my headache). I'm so convinced now that I'm taking so much migraine medicine here at home (over the years) for something that has only external triggers that I ordered a neck massage pillow to see if I can use that instead. I was really enjoying the cooler air of our northern states.

Today is our anniversary. No big plans, really. We typically take little day trips instead of presents...but we're putting that off for later in the week when I can better handle it...Jonah overheard us discussing the date and wondered what "anniversary" meant...we explained that it was the birthday of our family (a concept he could well understand). We'll celebrate today by having special donuts from the grocery bakery. (Because the grocer gives free little cookies, we never buy anything from the display...I don't quite need something the size of a cake, so we'll do a celebration of our family by allowing Jonah to pick out something "fancy" from the case.) We never intentionally brought the kids into our anniversary previously, but it looks like we are about to start a tradition.

Re: Weekend plans? [message #820726 is a reply to message #820722 ] Sun, 22 October 2017 09:16
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
Messages: 5441
Registered: April 2005
Location: New Hampshire
Senior Member
Happy anniversary, Jamie! It makes sense to involve the kids if you think of it as the birthday of your family...but do take some time just for the two of you as well, because that specific relationship is the foundation for everything else.

Dh is doing so well that I am hopeful we will be able to celebrate our next anniversary in August. If the chemo continues to work, I think we will have that gift, although who knows how he will be feeling then...

So treasure each anniversary! We more or less ignored ours this year, and now I am sorry.

Another friend from dh’s work also matched our gift certificate, so now there is enough for some great Christmas gifts for the kid as well! Such wonderful people!

A friend is stopping by this morning to drop off a sweater I left at her house. Ds and his dw will be here this afternoon to watch the Formula One race with dh. One of our Friendship Family kids will be stopping by to visit with dh as well.

I am hoping to rake a few leaves and bake bread and pay some bills and finish writing my resume before church at 5:30.

Lisa T.
 Topic: Week of October 23
Week of October 23 [message #820727] Sun, 22 October 2017 10:58
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
Messages: 5441
Registered: April 2005
Location: New Hampshire
Senior Member
Looking ahead to the coming week...many appointments and activities to keep track of. Here's my plan:

Aquafit 8:30
Phone meeting with SSA 11:30
Hospital for iv hydration for dh 3:00
Clean house
Meatballs for dinner

Work at museum 9:30-4
Meet with insurance agent 5 pm
Prayer group 7 pm
Leftovers for dinner

Trash out
Hospital day...be there by 8:15 for back to back appointments all morning and then chemo
Gnocchi for dinner

Yoga 8:30
Class 10:30
Class 2:00
Leftovers for dinner
Book discussion 6:30

Aquafit 8:30
Time sheet to museum
Grocery shopping
Visiting nurse (time?)

Friendship Family potluck 11:30???
Church 6:30

No plans yet for Sunday...dh should be starting to feel a bit better after chemo, so we'll see. Probably a quiet day at home...maybe visits from friends...

What's on your schedule?

Have a wonderful week! SOAP for all of you.

Lisa T.

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