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Forum: Living Life to the Glory of God
 Topic: Weekend plans?
Re: Weekend plans? [message #821352 is a reply to message #821346 ] Sun, 25 February 2018 12:10
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Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
My body is exhausted for some reason, and that's taken hold of my weekend.

Did a lot of cleaning this weekend on the upstairs, and now it's ready to scrub and declutter. Today I'm working on the downstairs to try to get it near in condition to declutter the latter part of the week. Laundry is a big thing - suddenly, it feels like I'm washing our hold wardrobe every other day.

Forum: HomeMaking
 Topic: Can't figure out what clothes to keep and what to donate
Re: Can't figure out what clothes to keep and what to donate [message #821353 is a reply to message #821351 ] Sun, 25 February 2018 12:59
Messages: 4196
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
Oh, I just started tearing up my wardrobe last year using wardrobe capsules as my "DIY" structure. I haven't finished quite yet, because I am working on a budget and rather than being able to downsize clothes, I'm having to invest in quality (as I often bought so cheap that they shrunk or wore pretty fast).

First things first, you pull out one item or outfit that you have received the most comments on (the "you look good" comments, not necessarily the "that's a pretty shirt" comment). You may/may not have one, but there's no sense it getting rid of what brings you zing if you already own it. The next thing I'd look for, personally, would be jeans that feel the best and can take you from running errands to dressy-casual date night.

I'm a big one for coordinating basics. I'd make sure you have 2 or 3 neutral colors (or what will be your base colors if you are a more colorful dresser. So, figure out pants, shorts, skirt, leggings, tank, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, dressy and casual dress in each of your neutral/base colors. Or as much as possible.

When selecting those pieces, make sure there are no worn spots, stains, wear, tears, fading, etc., unless you are able to repair such things. Same goes for missing buttons and stuck zippers.

Then think of which color you look fantastic in...this does not necessarily mean it'll be your favorite color. All those clothing categories I just listed off? If you have that color in *any* of those items, and it's in good condition, save it. Go to a secondary color, particularly if it looks good with the color you just chose. (Doesn't have to, just if it does, you end up with more complete outfits). If any of the clothing categories are missing any color options, look to fill that whole now with whatever you have left that coordinates with at least one of the two already chosen colors.

Now, if you have any structured statement pieces, I'd consider keeping them, no matter the color, but particularly if they are one of your neutrals or two-three color options. I wouldn't keep more than one statement piece in any given category (think jackets).

At this point, I pull something red...either pants or a shirt (or both if you already have both) that can work with all your seasons. Red is a perk for many of the holidays (Valentine's, Memorial, Independence Day, Christmas) as well as snazzing up neutrals for a fun excursion. If you have anything after that specifically speaks to a special occasion (think: wedding function, award ceremony, ugly Christmas sweater contest, thanksgiving wrap) that you will more than likely attend, pull those out...but not duplicates for each.

And at the very last - work out and scrubby clothes. If you have a couple different workout outfits, save them. I have a total of three scrubby tees for when I'm gardening or doing crafts. They look horrid, and I wouldn't entertain company in them, but they keep me from ruining others. I have a pair of shorts for that same reason.

So now you could have as many as one to four different pieces of clothing for each category, plus bonuses.


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