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 Topic: Im so glad that I homeschooled
Re: Im so glad that I homeschooled [message #821337 is a reply to message #821312 ] Wed, 21 February 2018 08:39
Lisa R.  is currently offline Lisa R.
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Registered: April 2005
Location: Georgia
Senior Member

I just saw this. My online time is limited lately.

But YES! I am now working in a public elementary school, and it is an eye-opening experience.. I see that my initial starry-eyed, naive idea that "everyone should homeschool," is as wrong as I came to understand...but I'm so very grateful that I was called to do it. I see so many, especially little boys, who just need to be home with mom. I see really good, dedicated teachers burning out because there is no discipline at home, moms believe their sweet precious little angels can do no wrong, and teachers are screamed at for trying to help.

I'm glad my kids were spared all that.

And yet, I see some of my kids struggling to deal "with the stupid people." I should have worked harder to develop compassion.

and yet, again, I'm glad that folks like our kids have been taught to think and reason, and can work to lead. Because it is scary beyond imagination, to consider that these folks who need safe spaces, have to have ADD medication to function, and have learned to fit in and spit back answers, and can't think for themselves, and have Mama in the office cursing the principal, instead of quietly teaching her son to behave, will be our leaders!

Lisa R.
Forum: Living Life to the Glory of God
 Topic: Wednesday, February 21
Wednesday, February 21 [message #821336] Wed, 21 February 2018 06:16
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
Messages: 5576
Registered: April 2005
Location: New Hampshire
Senior Member
Good morning! It's a misty, moisty morning here...foggy and warm. In fact, there's a chance it could get to 70 degrees today. Shocked That would be record breaking!

My plans:

Coffee & quiet
Clean upstairs (I didn't get to it yesterday)
Finish reading book discussion book
Pizza for dinner

We were planning to go out to lunch with dd, but unexpectedly her bf will have his son with him today, so they are going to spend time with him. Ex-wife has not been following the divorce decree and bf has not seen his ds since before the new year. Mad

Pam, what's the news?

Have a great day! SOAP for all of you.

Lisa T.
Re: Wednesday, February 21 [message #821338 is a reply to message #821336 ] Wed, 21 February 2018 12:26
Messages: 4847
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
Good Morning Lovelies,

70* sounds lovely! So sad when children are caught in the middle of an adult's anger/revenge. I am seeing it happen with a dear friend's children (adult) right now and it is heart breaking.

It is sunny and crisp here today. Dd will be heading up the mountain in a couple of hours.

In a fit of something or other I went and bought a shovel yesterday and shoveled the front sidewalk here. The association is horrible at shoveling and it makes our condo area look like a bunch of slugs live here - not to mention the hazard it presents! SO - I shoveled it. Razz

Today is:
** school this morning with dd
** walk pup
** decide on dinner
** check in w/ds2 to see if he is around this weekend to watch the pup
** vacuum everything
** make another dozen cookies - I have been making a full batch of cookie dough, freezing it, and making cookies as needed.

Pam .... Praying

Have a lovely day, all

25yos, 23yos, 13 yod I guess I am old enough for adult children.

My stomach hurts, but I still choose joy! :-)

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Getting off to a GOOD start! (And "Staying on Task") ... Public schools start back in our area this week so it's time to start keeping records again.... I trust you all woke up at the crack of dawn, kissed your husband, did aerobics, showered, got dressed in your prettiest "Homeschool Mom-Teacher" dress, powdered your nose, prepared a wonderful HOT breakfast for your family (who are all tidily dressed in matching outfits by now) and cleaned up the house so you could start the new school year off in tip-top shape! No?! Whew...well, there's still hope...thankfully, successful homeschool days don't depend on all those steps. *grin*

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