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Forum: Living Life to the Glory of God
 Topic: Wednesday, November 21
Wednesday, November 21 [message #820874] Wed, 22 November 2017 05:50
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
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Chemo day today for dh. That means I will spend my day sitting in the hospital too.

He is getting so much better that he has arranged to go in to work (very) part time starting Monday morning...just a few hours, but it will give him something to do. He is starting to get bored being sick at home, so he has been "helping" me. I get a glass of water, leave the room for a minute, and come back to find the glass in the dishwasher...I get out cheese to make a sandwich, put it on the counter, and turn around to get the bread...and find the cheese back in the fridge. Laughing Definitely time for him to go to work!

Praise God for his recovery!

It is bittersweet because we know it is not likely to last forever, but we are so grateful for this right now.

What are your plans today? Are you cooking for tomorrow's feast? Traveling?

Have a great day! SOAP for all of you.

[Updated on: Wed, 22 November 2017 05:51]

Lisa T.
Re: Wednesday, November 21 [message #820875 is a reply to message #820874 ] Wed, 22 November 2017 09:20
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Does he have, or has he had in the past, any little hobby that he could work on? Or has always wanted to start? When my FIL began to be ill, he picked up hand carving and is *scary* good at it. Airplane models? Radio repair? (Trying to think of something that is intricate and takes time).

I am happy, though, to hear of him being able to fill this need to be busy. I'm praying for him.

I'm baking a frozen pie later today so it will be ready when we return from our Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's home. Tradition has been that my eldest daughter and her son come have pie with us at the close of their Thanksgiving day with his folks. They start at breakfast and go through dinner time. This will be our third year keeping the baby overnight so that they can go Black Friday shopping. It is the only time the baby is allowed to not be in her sight (he doesn't do overnights with anyone, otherwise). Black Friday was a big deal to her growing up as a teen, and something she did/had fun with her siblings doing it). She has confessed that it isn't the same, isn't as fun and there's some bittersweet sadness there for her I think...could you please pray for her? She enjoys the evening with her husband, and her sister/brother-in-laws are part of the evening, and they are all friends.

Jonah in the mean time is excited to have his little nephew spend the night. This might be the first year we sleep, who knows! We're tidying/babyproofing this morning as a result.

Re: Wednesday, November 21 [message #820876 is a reply to message #820874 ] Wed, 22 November 2017 09:22
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Good Morning Lovelies,

Praying for everyone and their families with Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner --- for the stresses, joys, and all of the other emotions.

Jamie, one of the hardest things for me in parenting has also been the chaos in the house --- but my guys and their buddies, as adults, talk about how they were allowed to build a fort and leave it up for a few days or how they were allowed to build the brio train track along the edges of the hallway, etc. It drove.me.nuts.....

Today is:
** school for dd --- I need to revamp her World History
** get books/scrapbooks back into shelves as I rearranged yesterday to make room for the Christmas tree we are suddenly having this year since my guys/one girlfriend will be here in MN for an early Christmas.
** pre-op
** stalk the mailman so I get the mail and not my husband as his birthday/Christmas gift is arriving today
** grocery
** laundry
** dinner of ?

Have a lovely day, all.

25yos, 23yos, 13 yod I guess I am old enough for adult children.

My stomach hurts, but I still choose joy! :-)

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