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Forum: Living Life to the Glory of God
 Topic: President's week
Re: President's week [message #821322 is a reply to message #821320 ] Mon, 19 February 2018 10:10
Messages: 4842
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
Good Morning Lovelies,

Today is watching the weather, Udot, and WYdot ... My sons are driving back from St. George and I-15 is a mess. My daughter is coming back from Wyoming (not until tonight) and those roads are a mess. We have 6" and the snow is still falling. Gorgeous, but dangerous driving. The canyons are currently closed for avalanche control. Shocked

Otherwise this week:

bake cookies
wash bedding
convince pup he wants to walk in snow up to his belly Laughing Laughing Actually, the neighborhoods are somewhat good at shoveling sidewalks so we'll be in and out of the snow.

I think dd will have the day off of training (I hope)




work race

to St. George (I hope)

S.l.o.w. living here.

25yos, 23yos, 13 yod I guess I am old enough for adult children.

My stomach hurts, but I still choose joy! :-)

Re: President's week [message #821323 is a reply to message #821320 ] Mon, 19 February 2018 13:11
Messages: 4194
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
My week is pretty typical as far as homeschool and bible classes, so I won't bother writing those out.

I purchased an online writing class, so will work on that in my private / down time.

I'm also going into declutter mode. Our building will be tented soon, and after that comes Spring Cleaning, so I'm trying to make the clutter less now rather than later.

Forum: HotTopics
 Topic: Just throwing this out there.....
Re: Just throwing this out there..... [message #821324 is a reply to message #821316 ] Mon, 19 February 2018 13:20
Messages: 4194
Registered: April 2005
Senior Member
Disclaimer: I don't think the problem is necessarily mental illness, but I don't have time to get into it at this sitting. We could just as easily ask why the conversation isn't about the major governmental failings involved in this case. At the moment, this is just peripheral.

The reason the national (media) conversation focuses on gun control as an answer is because this objective *is the objective* having actually nothing to do with the children and teachers who have died last week. The school shooting is simply an emotional hook to create an impetus to their goal of total gun control. While it doesn't start with the banning of all guns, I believe that that is the long-game. It'll eventually sweep (it already has to a small degree) mental health in that the government will then oversee who has what gun and for what purpose.

Re: Just throwing this out there..... [message #821325 is a reply to message #821316 ] Mon, 19 February 2018 13:38
Lisa T.  is currently offline Lisa T.
Messages: 5573
Registered: April 2005
Location: New Hampshire
Senior Member
I would like the freedom to teach (and for children to have the freedom to learn) without fear of a mass killing. And yet, in my state, apparently we are required to admit adults to the school premises even if they are carrying a firearm:

http://www.wcax.com/content/news/should-guns-be-banned-in-NH -schools-469616433.html

It’s crazy!

But then, our state motto is “Live Free or Die”.

Lisa T.
Re: Just throwing this out there..... [message #821326 is a reply to message #821316 ] Mon, 19 February 2018 17:19
Leslie Fay  is currently offline Leslie Fay
Messages: 482
Registered: April 2005
Location: Steeler country
Senior Member
No answers here, but throwing this into the mix. I have learned that, at least in my state, it is very hard to get a juvenile mental health help without going through the court system. My friend's 15yo son is sitting in juvenile detention right now, she had to press charges against him to get the process started, and hope the psychiatrist isn't fooled during his evaluation so her son can be admitted to an in-house treatment program. Without the legal system she was only able to admit him to a hospital for a few days, and our local hospital suggested she take him home, and acted as though she was trying to get rid of him so she didn't have to deal with him, which is not the case at all.
I cannot imagine the heartbreak of having your once sweet little boy calmly say he was going to have to kill you because he felt he was disrespected. My heart is so heavy for my friend. And, at the same time I can't help thinking that this is just the type of unwell mind that becomes a school shooter, or kills his family...
Worst of all, you cannot see this unwellness of mind.
It (this societal violence) is so complicated, so complex, I don't know where you begin to try and fix it.
Lord, have mercy. Sad

wife to Bobby
mama of three blessings

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