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Then / Now (NY/Orlando) [message #817235] Thu, 16 June 2016 21:02 Go to next message
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I don't have time this evening to really give this the sit down & write that has been burning in me to do - but K in C's other hot topic post brought it to my mind again. While the subject in her topic is different, there's a sentiment in her OP which translates.


The blogger mentioned back when Adam West (?) was kidnapped or when baby Jessica fell down the well. And the outpouring of love and prayers and support for those parents, where today there is an almost immediate onslaught of blame and shame and "perfect" parent advice thrown around.

Most of us were already adults/parents/homeschooling (I believe) when the events of September 11th unfolded. We were starting our second year of homeschooling at the time and watched it all live. For a brief time, a few weeks by my memory, there was something different about our country. The change, the shift, the gentleness was completely different. While there may be stories out there to the contrary, they seemed the rare exception. I was assured through the years of speaking with individuals my age and older, that this was not a phenomenon only in my neck of the woods, but around the country and even in other parts of the world. There was a real sense of united as a family.

I live within a day trip drive of Orlando. Have been there twice in a months time this summer already. Online I expect, in our current culture, the ugliness, the armchair activists, the opportunistic political and personal agenda folk... but I'm seeing Ugly dressing up as Martyr and Defender online, in our city, in our own neighborhood after the mass murder. The ugly is from ALL sides - I don't care if it's about personal belief systems, stances on gun control, political affiliation, religion, conspiracy theories/beliefs...it's horrid...and it started like immediately following the first public awareness. I've seen discussions about the matter, and hateful ugliness break out in places that it doesn't even make sense to break out. There's no hearing one another or civil discourse. I've seen really atrocious things said and lobbied.

I have noticed that the bulk of individuals fall approximately 10y or so younger than myself (so mid30s and younger).

I don't know if we have become so desensitized to actual murder and violent crime now that our reaction is immediately to pick up our individual Opinionated Banners and start waving (while giving lip service to how our thoughts/prayers/hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones) or what. To use these victims and their families seems... well it seems sick to me.

I know this is getting some play on television and radio - my exposure to both is severely limited as I really only get the news online (and as such, I peek at comment sections and have my FB feed to expose me to hopefully very skewed snapshots of the public at large). Again, though, I'm seeing this IRL, too. I don't know if the incident wasn't as large or as alternate universe or mind blowing confusing as was 9/11 that this really resonates the further away from Orlando one lives. It's not as dramatic as planes flying into buildings. But, really, I honestly am shocked at the just seedy spewing hate and self righteous contempt this has brought forth. It's like a sewer line has burst.

I saw my daughter for the first time in a month for lunch this week. She was only a young teen when 9/11 took place. {Edit: correction, she was just about to turn 12} She mentioned to me that she and her husband were talking on this exact observation - that the community, the world, the stranger on the street is not the same, and is horrid to behold.

I don't know if I'm making sense - time is crunching here, and most of this has just been emotional dumping likely. I suppose, I was just wondering what the "snapshot" is out there in the world where you are.

[Updated on: Thu, 16 June 2016 21:10]

Re: Then / Now (NY/Orlando) [message #817246 is a reply to message #817235 ] Fri, 17 June 2016 10:46 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Rosemary-MI  is currently offline Rosemary-MI
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Location: Lower mid Michigan
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I have been meeting a friend of mine every morning to walk. We started last winter and walked in a mall. I have met so many people by just saying hello my name is Rosemary nice to meet you. People from about 45 and up. So friendly very nice people. Since spring we moved outside and are walking in parks and neighborhoods now seeing a lot of younger people. We talk to everyone we pass. (very, very hard for me) My friend is very open and outgoing.

I thought everyone was getting nasty too until I started seeing people. Just people out and about. My friend always gives a complement about the person we meet. (she is so good at and I am learning) It has put a whole new light on things for me as I was seeing the nastiness around me too. I stopped watching the news everyday. Only watch on Saturday. I stopped reading comments on stories because it's just thought puke to me. Spewing out without thinking.

I think if we look at things differently we see things differently. I changed what I see and I love it!


I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!
Re: Then / Now (NY/Orlando) [message #817250 is a reply to message #817235 ] Fri, 17 June 2016 13:01 Go to previous messageGo to next message
praise2christ  is currently offline praise2christ
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Registered: August 2009
Location: Northern KY
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9/11 happened while I was in college. So, my entire adult life has been post-9/11. My entire adult life has also been in the internet age.

I think that both of these things have had a huge influence on our society. While society is always changing, huge tragedies and huge advances in technology cause drastic, fast changes. Both of these things seemed to happen at the same time as I entered adulthood. As a result, the world of my childhood is easy to idealize. Ideas like, "It was a simpler time," "It was safer," or other such ideas are things that I often hear expressed.

As for the time immediately following 9/11, I remember a large group gathered around the TV in the student union, all crying and comforting one another. I also remember for weeks after, there were American flags wherever you looked. Everyone seemed so united in their grief and their patriotism.

Since then, there have been so many conspiracy theories that have emerged. What was once a clear motive, means, and group of perpetrators has become convoluted to the point that people have accused our own government of being the ones who crashed those planes. I think the internet has played a huge part in that. People read a theory, take it at face value, and pass it along. This is done rapidly and with great authority.

One of the differences now is that this happens much quicker. More people are online and there are many more platforms for the passing of these theories.

Another difference is that there are so many political issues tied up in this one event (homosexual issues, gun rights, terrorism and our response to it, etc). All of these issues come into play in this one situation and lead to confusion and opinions.

Stacy, mom to 12-year-old boy/girl twins and a three-year-old boy.

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's finger." Hans Christian Andersen
Re: Then / Now (NY/Orlando) [message #817252 is a reply to message #817235 ] Fri, 17 June 2016 14:36 Go to previous message
Messages: 4138
Registered: April 2005
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I'll give it a try, Rosemary.

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