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Have you seen the article about natural v. unnatural? [message #819789] Wed, 12 April 2017 09:17 Go to next message
Lisa R.  is currently offline Lisa R.
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The article proposes that pediatricians should stop couching breastfeeding in terms of "natural," because it could encourage a worldview that refuses vaccines. Without getting into issues of vaccinating or not, I found it a fascinating glimpse into the godless worldview that society of so fully embracing.

I ponder about the "public health goals" that might be important as referenced in this quote:

In some cases, however, this view that “natural” is synonymous with “better” may work against specific public health goals.

What goals will I work against if I put God's design (i.e."natural") ahead of man-made ways of doing things?

The article references gender roles:

"Referencing the “natural” in breastfeeding promotion, then, may inadvertently endorse a controversial set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate."

I was just amazed as I read through it, at the complete godlessness of the worldview.

Here's the link:

http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2016/03/ 02/peds.2015-4154

Lisa R.
Re: Have you seen the article about natural v. unnatural? [message #819791 is a reply to message #819789 ] Wed, 12 April 2017 10:03 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I haven't read the article just yet (will do), but off the top of my head I can tell you in mommy post circles the term "natural" where breast feeding is concerned, has been deemed "offensive" or "triggering" for women who have been either unable to breastfeed successfully or women who have chosen, for whatever reason, to strictly bottle-feed. I do not support catering to either one of those reasons, although for the first three of my four babies I could not successfully breastfeed.

Re: Have you seen the article about natural v. unnatural? [message #819792 is a reply to message #819789 ] Wed, 12 April 2017 12:23 Go to previous message
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I've read it here, and a snippet from a subscription-only https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22172504/

This same article you've shared popped up on a link to another article / same subject via a Christian Homeschool FB group of which I'm continuing to become less enamored with. They are all in a tizzy stating that this is to control antiVaxers and homeschoolers. One opening quote: "Apparently homeschoolers are an unintended negative side effect of the use of the word "natural" to describe breastfeeding. The AAP can't have us mamas being skeptical of authority or being interested in health knowledge or healthy living. Best to pretend breastfeeding is not natural so we don't create more of those troublesome homeschooling, healthy families. The AAP would rather pretend breastfeeding isn't natural than accidentally create more families like that."

Honestly, I'm not necessarily proVAC but I'm not necessarily antiVAC. I vaccinate Jonah just on a slightly different schedule. I've held off longer than I probably should with his five year vacs because I don't know who / what equals good research on one in particular.

Typically "granola" was the label given to mamas who did everything natural, and the natural way. One could argue that at least some of the vaccines are "natural" in origin (not necessarily natural in how they get "in" us). My nervousness and self-doubt with vaccine information makes me really self-edit (to the point of gag-order) discuss things like that...but I will admit that when I struggled through breastfeeding with my own children, to really spending a lot of time during pregnancy #4 (and making life style changes that were "natural") I ended up being successful in BFing, thinner, healthier, felt better, etc. In the last two years I Have fallen off that lifestyle all the way (and all the way means all the way) and I"m miserable...making the self-correction happen is a bit more difficult.

I think the fear of it prohibiting gender and family roles in the way that the suspected POV of the writer, is hogwash. I think a lot of promotion and support for the direction is from the same group.

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