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How can I search? back to top
Unless disabled by the administrator, you can search for messages that were posted inside the forum. You can search for a message by specifying one or more keywords you wish to be found and choosing where to find those keywords, you can either search in subject alone or do a full text search on both the message body & subject. You can also limit your search to a forum of your choice if you do not wish to search in all the forums.
You can also search for other forum members, by their login name or email address via the user search form.

Can I email other forum members? back to top
If the administrator has not disabled Private Messaging system, you may send private messages to one or more registered members of the forum. To access the PM system, simply click on the Private Messaging link which can be found at the top of the page's right corner. If you have any unread private messages, this link will indicate how many unread messages you have.

Sending a private message
Private messages are very similar to email, you specify the person(s) who you wish to send the message to, enter the subject & the message and click send. There are 2 links available, that would allow you to easily find members who you wish to send your message to, Select from Buddy List, which will allow to select people from your buddy list, by listing all your buddies and Find User, which will allow to search the forum's entire member list for people to whom you wish to address your message. A copy of every sent message will be stored inside your SENT folder, for future reference, you can always delete those message should your choose to do so.

There are 3 other folders that you should be aware of:

Inbox folder contains any messages that you have received, each message has an read/unread indicator to allow you to see if you have read this message or not. You will also be able to see who sent this message and if that person is currently online or not, the date when the message was sent is also shown.

Drafts Folder contains the messages you have written but did not yet send yet. By clicking on the message you will go to edit mode, which will allow you to further modify the message as well as send it if you choose to. Once the message is sent it will be moved from the DRAFTS folder to your SENT folder.

Trash folder stores all the message you have marked for deletion, but did not delete as of yet. If you delete a message which is located inside TRASH this message will become permanently deleted.

Message Tracking

When you send a message you have the ability to request a read-receipt, when the recipient reads the message you will receive a system message notifying you that your message has been read.
However, if you request such a receipt the recipient may choose to decline sending the read-receipt, so if you have requested a receipt and did not receive it this does not necessarily mean your message was not read.

Member List? back to top
The member list is a complete list of all the registered users on a forum. You can sort the list in 3 ways: by login name alphabetically, by number of posts & the date of registration.

The member list also has a search capability, allowing you to find a particular member by either login name or email address.

What are announcements & sticky messages? back to top
These are special messages that can be created by administrators & moderators and stay at the top of a forum(s) for a period of time. Generally they are used to inform the users of the forum of a certain event or outline rules etc...

Can I rate topics? back to top
You may have noticed that certain topics have a rating. If allowed by the administrator you can contribute your own rating of the topic. You can do so by going to the bottom of the message view page and choose a number between 1-5 (5 highest rating) from the Rate Topic select box.

What are referrals? back to top
Referrals allows you to see, which forum members you or other members of the forum have referred. The referrals are tracked automatically, when you give someone a URL to the forum and they register you will be credit with the referral of that person. The list of people you have referred can be viewed from your profile, when you click on the Referrals tab.

Syndicating this forum back to top
If permitted by the administrator, FUDforum allows you to syndicate a variety of forum data via XML (rdf). The RDF feed works primarily in 3 modes, message retrieval, topic retrieval and user retrieval. Each mode of operation supports a number of modifier parameters that will allow you to specify what sort of data do you wish to fetch. Below is the explanation of the supported parameters for each mode of operation.

'm' mode (messages)

catOnly retrieve messages from category with this id.
frmOnly retrieve messages from forum with this id.
thOnly retrieve messages from topic with this id.
idRetrieve a single message with the specified id.
dsOnly retrieve messages posted after the specified date (unix timestamp).
deOnly retrieve messages posted before the specified date (unix timestamp).
nFetch no more then n messages (cannot be higher then overall maximum).
oStarting offset from which to begin fetching messages.
lOrder messages from newest to oldest.
basicOutput messages in a format parse-able by most RDF/RSS parsers.

't' mode (topics)

catOnly retrieve topics from category with this id.
frmOnly retrieve topics from forum with this id.
idRetrieve a single topic with the specified id.
dsOnly retrieve topics where the last message was posted after the specified date (unix timestamp).
deOnly retrieve topics where the last message was posted before the specified date (unix timestamp).
nFetch no more then n topics (cannot be higher then overall maximum).
oStarting offset from which to begin fetching topics.
lOrder topics from newest to oldest.

'u' mode (users) **could be disabled**

pcOrder users by number of messages posted, from largest to smallest.
rdOrder users by registration, from most recent to oldest.
clOnly show users who are currently online.
nFetch no more then n users (cannot be higher then overall maximum).
oStarting offset from which to begin fetching users.
The following link will fetch 10 most recent messages from this forum:

Access Keys back to top
Access keys are keyboard shortcuts intended to simplify keyboard navigation. FUDforum uses this functionality to simplify several tasks primary used for message posting forms.
Browser Support Mozilla/Netscape: CTRL + ALT + [accesskey]
Mozilla/IE: ALT + [accesskey]
Opera: SHIFT + ESC + [accesskey]
Supported Access Keys:
H - Redirect to forum help.
N - On pages with a pager, redirect to the next page (if one is available).
P - On pages with a pager, redirect to the previous page (if one is available).
S - Submit message on public or private posting form.
R - Preview message on public or private posting form.
K - Spell check message.
A - Apply spelling changes.
D - Save private message as draft.

FUDcode Shortcuts:
B - Bold
I - Italics
U - Underline
Q - Quote
C - Code
L - List
M - Image
E - E-mail

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